Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Simple Decorations

How to Make Simple Decorations for a Baby Shower Instead of a typical themed baby shower, make quick and easy decorations inspired by color.


Instead of a typical themed baby shower, try taking a more sophisticated approach and just let color be your inspiration. For these projects, you'll need 3 colors of crepe paper, scissors, string, clear glass vases and votives, small beads, skewers and a hot glue gun. Alright. We're gonna start with our paper garland. Just cut a 12-inch white piece of crepe paper and fold it. Now while it's folded, fringe both layers with your scissors, but you wanna leave about a 1-inch piece uncut at the top towards the fold. Cut sections that are about 5 inches wide and then repeat with your 2 other colors. Now take your pieces and unfold them onto your work surface and space them about an inch apart. Apply a line of glue into the crease and then lay your string on top of the glue. Keep working down the length of your string until you've reached your desired length of garland. So we're gonna use the same crepe paper colors to decorate some clear glass vases and votive holders. Just cut your crepe paper into different sized strips, then use Glue Dots to attach. It's so easy. The crepe paper is really easy to work with because it has a little stretch to it. And once the part is over, the stripes will just peel right off. If you're not a master baker and you wanna add a little spice to your cupcakes, you can make these really simple cupcake toppers. Cut a 1 to 2-inch triangle from crepe paper, then just take your skewer and cut it in half and glue it to the top edge of the skewer. Then glue a small wooden bead to the top. Now don't you wanna be at this baby shower? You don't have to be a serious crafter or a designer to achieve this modern look.

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