Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Pacifier Cupcakes

This fun cupcake idea doubles as a gift for the mom-to be.


If you're considering cupcakes for a baby shower, these sweet baby cakes are the perfect choice. The best part is, they look impressive but they're cinch to make. Start by frosting your cupcakes with some peach frosting. You can get the color by using just a little bit of red and a little bit of yellow. I used an offset special for this. I find it's the best color for the job. So what you're gonna do is [unk] some frosting on top more than you think you're gonna need. And then you're gonna hold your spatula in one place and rotate your cupcake. Next, you're gonna add two chocolate chips inverted as the baby's eyes. And the final step is to add a pacifier to the baby's mouth. Go to your moment of this registry and see what pacifiers you registered for so you can buy those. That way, your cupcake's double as a gift.

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