Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Baby-Footprint Treats

No one can resist the teeny tiny toes of a newborn. These baby shower cupcakes and cookies are decorated with sweet little footprints.


Nothing is sweeter than those little baby footprints you get from the hospital. But those tiny toes don't stay tiny for long, so capture them on these fun cupcakes and cookies. They're perfect for a baby shower. Use store bought fondant in pretty pastel colors. Roll it out so it's one quarter inch thick and then cut out round with a small biscuit or cookie cutter. You can do a few different sizes and layer them. With a clean rubber stamp, You're going to emboss the fondant round with a sweet little baby footprint. Then, set it right on top of a cupcake. You can use store bought cupcakes or you can make your own. Another way to make a little footprint would be to use jellybeans and a tube of gel icing. Frost some store bought sugar cookies with a thin layer frosting, then set the jellybean or jellybeans in the center and use icings in similar shades to make five little dots. For the toast. Make the dots in the end, slightly larger for the big toe. And that's it, so simple but so cute.

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