Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Baa, Baa Black Sheep And Mary Had A Little Lamb Cookies

Bake sweet nursery rhyme cookies for your next baby shower. Watch as Erica Clark shows how to decorate cookies inspired by "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb."


Hosting a baby shower for a mom to be? Consider a whimsical nursery rhyme theme soiree and impress all your guests with these simple but spectacular cookies. Now these may look complicated but I assure you they're not. You don't need to go out and buy specially shaped cookie cutters. You just need round cookie cutters in three sizes. Mine are about three inches, two inches and one inch. All of the cookies use the same process of royal icing with added [unk] like sprinkles or sugar ice or even chocolate chips. The key to decorating with royal icing is the process known as plotting. You're gonna start with your royal icing in a pastry bag or in a plastic bag with the corner snipped off, that's fine. You can create a border around the edge of your cookie. The next step is to use royal icing that you diluted a bit and thinned a bit with water and you can use the tip of the bottle to help spread it to the edges. The border you piped in the beginning with the thicker royal icing is what keeps it from dripping down the sides. At this point, you can either add sprinkles into the wet icing so they set or you can set them aside and let them dry. It will harden into a nice smooth finish. Here we have a little lamb that Mary would be proud of and right next to it, Baa Baa Black Sheep. To make these cookies, you start with one large and one small. To make the little lamb, simply pipe your royal frosting in the floppy fleece pattern and then use white nonpareils to add a little interest. And the face gets coated in black course sanding sugar. I added these little sugar ice but you could do that with royal icing as well. And the ears on the little lamb are actually chocolate chips. So, you just stick them in sideways. Baa Baa Black Sheep is the same process except the fleece on the black sheep is coated in, of course, black sanding sugar. I added the same ice, I put a few little white nonpareils on his face to make them look floppy and soft and I use a pink food marker to do the inside of his ears. How sweet are these sheep and lamb cookies.

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