Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make A Wishing Tree

Learn to make a wishing tree for Baby and mommy-to-be. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this baby shower activity.


-At your next baby shower, share your hopes, wishes or words of parenting wisdom with this easy to do baby shower activity. For the wishing tree, you'll need branches, tags, pens or markers, and a vase. The set up for this activity is so quick and easy and it packs such a big punch both visually and emotionally. So, the first thing you're going to want to do is go into your backyard and grab some sticks. So, we have some sticks right here. And you just want to arrange them in a vase. Put a cup of pens or markers and a stack of tags next to the tree. And when your guests arrive, have them write a wish for mommy and baby. After your guests write their messages, they can just hang their tags on the tree. Mom can display the tree in the nursery or she can preserve the tags in a scrapbook. Mom-to-be will love reading all of the sweet sentiments from all the people that she love.

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