Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make A Onesie Bouquet

Roll onesies and washcloths into flowers to make a lovely centerpiece for a baby shower.


Yes. Flowers make a lovely centerpiece at a baby shower. But instead of the real thing, make a bouquet of blooms from baby onesies and wash cloths. For this project, you'll need short-sleeved onesies, wash cloths, rubber bands, floral tape, Styrofoam, large popsicle sticks, a flower pot, and artificial leaves. First, just fit your Styrofoam into the bottom of your pot. Now, we're gonna make our flowers. Take a onesie and lay it face up unsnapped on your work surface. Fold in the little sleeves, then fold it in half lengthwise. Take a popsicle stick and lay it at the bottom of the long rectangle and just start rolling up. Keep it pretty tight as you roll. And then wrap it with a rubber band. Fluff it a little by turning down the edges of the layers. To add a green base to your flowers, take this floral tape and wrap it tightly around the flower about halfway down. This tape is great because it will not leave adhesive on the onesie. The wash cloth version is even easier. Just take your wash cloth and fold two sides toward the middle like this, then take a popsicle stick and lay it at the end and roll tightly. Again, wrap it with a rubber band and flare the edges out a little bit. Again, take your floral tape and wrap it about halfway down your flower to add a green base. Now, it's time for some flower arranging. Take your blooms and stick them in to the Styrofoam, and fill in the gaps with artificial leaves. Our pot's about 6 inches in diameter and we filled it with about 7 onesie flowers and 9 wash cloth flowers. Not only is this centerpiece beautiful, but it will give mom-to-be a head start for prepping for baby time.

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