Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make A Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are so easy to make! Watch this video to learn how to make one for your next friend's baby shower. You can buy these tan-colored (and fragrance- and chlorine-free) diapers at


Diaper cakes are so popular for baby showers and believe it or not they're so easy to make. For these projects, you'll need 58 size 1 diapers, glue dots, oversized rubber bands and regular rubber bands, 2 yards of a thin and a thick ribbon, scissors, tissue paper garland and a small stuff animal. The first thing you're gonna want to do is roll the diapers. Start with the open end and roll them pretty tightly. Then, wrap with a rubber band. You'll do this 58 times. To make the bottom layer, stand up 3 diaper rolls and wrap them not too tightly with a rubber band. Then, fill out the circle standing 6 up like this around the center diaper. Now just send a few diaper rolls up against this first circle and wrap with a large rubber band. Again, you wanna just fill out the circle by lining diapers up all the way around. Do this one more time to make the outer ring of the bottom layer. When you make the middle layer, you're going to make just 2 concentric circles and for the top just 1. The cake we're gonna make is 3 tiers. You're gonna end up with about 33 diapers on the bottom layer, 18 in the middle, and 7 on the top. Okay, now that you have your cake, take your thick ribbon and wrap it around the rubber band, cut it and attach it with a little glue dot. Layer the thinner ribbon on top and again use a glue dot to hold it together. Repeat this step for each tier of the cake. Put a little icing on your cake with this tissue paper garland. Just wrap it around the base of each tier. Tear it and attach it together with a glue dot in the back. Top your diaper cake with a small stuff animal and it's ready for the party.

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