Baby Shower Desserts: Very Violet Sparkle Cake

This pretty in purple sparkle cake will be a crowd pleaser at your baby shower.


This glittering and very violet sparkle cake will dazzle and delight your favorite princess or ballerina. The cake is quick to make and decorate using store-bought candies and canned frosting. First, let's get our candy decorations ready. Dip 12 small lollipops in a bowl of water. Shake off the excess water and then dip it in purple or pink decorating sugar. Place the lollipop on wax paper to dry and continue dipping the remaining lollipops. Now use a similar system to color 18 to 24 Necco wafers. Dab a wafer with water and then in the pink or purple sugar. Dry them on wax paper. Now that the candies are dry, let's measure about a cup of soft, whipped, fluffy, white frosting into a pastry bag fitted with a 1/2 inch star tip. Tint the remaining frosting with violet food coloring paste until you reach a shade of purple that you like. This was 2 cans of frosting in total. Use a serrated knife to carefully level the tops of 2 baked 9-inch cake layers. They can be whatever flavor you like. Place 1 cake layer onto a serving plate and spread on a half cup of the violet frosting. Top the first layer with the second cake layer then spread the frosting over the sides and top of the whole cake. Use the pastry bag to randomly pipe stars onto the sides and top of the cake. Next, gently push the Necco wafers, sugar side out, into the white stars. And now arrange the lollipops in the center of the cake. The last thing we'll do is add long, thin birthday candles preferably in purple.

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