Baby Shower Desserts: Gift Boxes

These adorable gift boxes are wrapped with love, and fondant.


This collection of large and small cakes shape like gift boxes make a gorgeous shower center piece or you can make extra small cakes that uses party favors. Start with one vanilla cake baked in a 9 x 13 inch rectangular pan. Even the top with a serrated knife. Place the short end of the cake in front of you measure 3 inches end and cut the cake vertically. Take the small portion of the cake and cut it into four equal squares. Cut 1 inch from the short side of the large portion of the cake. You won't need this part. Cut the remaining piece in half and you'll have two 6 x 6 squares. Evenly spread 1/3 cup of raspberry preserves on the bottom of each cake. Then top the cakes with the other layer to make a box. Now, it's time to cover the cakes with their fondant wrapping. From a 24 rounds box of rolled fondant, cut off a quarter, wrap it in plastic and set aside. Roll the remaining fondant into a square. That's about an 8 of an inch stick. Put the 6-inch box on the fondant and wrap up the sides just like you're wrapping a gift. Trim away the excess fondant. Taper the edges with scissors to remove excess fondant. Fold the edges together like package. Press the fondant together and seal the seam with corn syrup. Flip the package over. Now, knead the scraps together with the fondant you reserved earlier. Roll it out to an eighth of an inch thickness. Cut the fondant to fit the smaller cakes and wrap them in the same way as the larger present. We'll use tootsie rolls to make ribbons for the gift box. Microwave eight unwrap candies for 10 seconds to soften them and then knead them together. Roll it out into a 2 x 13 inch strip. Trim the edges with a pizza cutter to straighten them. Place the ribbon across the center of the large cake. Use another eight tootsie rolls to make a second ribbon and place it crosswise over the first ribbon. Trim and tuck the edges under the bottom of the cake. For the smaller cakes, use three tootsie rolls each to form single ribbons about 1 x 7 inches. Drape them over the cakes and tuck them under in the same way. Finally, use large and small chocolate nonpareil candies to decorate the ribbons. Use a dab of corn syrup to make them stick. These gift boxes are such a treat for the eyes and the palate.

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