Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for ideas to throw the perfect baby shower? Look no further than our baby shower idea gallery. We've got everything you need to make the party special for the new parents--from theme and invitation ideas to yummy recipes and game suggestions.

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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas For When Loved Ones Can't Be There
Traditional baby shower are getting a virtual twist while the country fights the coronavirus pandemic with social distancing measures. From how to host the perfect video hangout to what games to play, here's how to make your remote celebration a memorable one.
5 Alternative Baby Shower Ideas to Try Now
A traditional baby shower may not be how every family wants when it comes to celebrating their new arrival. If you're looking for a way to break from old-school traditions or if you're the last one of your friends having a baby and want to mix things up, here are 5 alternative baby shower ideas to celebrate your pregnancy.
This Guy Just Jumped Out of a Plane to Announce His Baby's Gender!
A Southern California couple chose a thrilling way to find out their baby's sex, with dad-to-be skydiving with a colored smoke grenade.
Watch This Couple Chop Down a Tree in Awesome Lumberjack-Themed Gender Reveal
The Tennessee parents-to-be grabbed some flannels and a chainsaw to find out if they're expecting a lumberjack or lumberjane.
Here's a Family Gender Reveal Idea That Really Hits the Mark
If you're hoping to involve your family in an upcoming gender reveal, maybe the Fowler's idea will be on target with what you had in mind.

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Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make A Onesie Bouquet
Roll onesies and washcloths into flowers to make a lovely centerpiece for a baby shower.
Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Baby-Face Cookies
Learn how to make adorable baby face cookies to serve at a baby shower.

Baby Shower Ideas: How To Play the Baby-Bump Game

Learn a fun game to play at your next girlfriend's baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to prepare a bump-themed activity.