9 Best Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas, According to Parents

Gearing up for your second baby? You may think you have everything you need, but life with another child requires some extra supplies. Parents share their picks for the sprinkle gift ideas that helped them master the next chapter like a pro.

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Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Bathing a toddler and a baby together can be a challenge; the right tub makes all the difference. Audrey Kingo, a mother of two from New York City, praises the Angelcare Bath Support for its ability to multitask—just like her. "It allows me to bathe both kids at one time in our bathtub," she says.

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UppaBaby Piggyback


For strolling around town with two, let your toddler catch a lift. Kingo uses the UppaBaby Piggyback ride along board to keep her young son in tow.

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Fridababy Nose Frida


A testament to the live-and-learn mantra, the Nose Frida is a must-have item when your baby comes down with a head cold. Julie R., mother of two from East Northport, New York, says she wishes she had had this item when her first child was younger. "A friend recommended it to me after [my daughter] was born, and I absolutely love it," she says. "It works much better than the suction bulbs they give you at the hospital."

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Skip Hop Go Envi Eco-Friendly Diaper Backpack


Carrying your baby gear while holding another child's hand is complicated. Having a backpack style diaper bag, like the Skip Hop Go Envi Eco-Friendly diaper backpack, is the answer to a busy parent's prayers. "Having it on your back, allowing free hands while managing two children, is essential," says Julie R. (Bonus: This one is made from recycled plastic water bottles and comes with a changing pad and stroller straps.)

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Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush


If you have two bottle feeders in the house, you'll need a reliable cleaning system that can hold up to daily washings. Julie R. prefers the Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush. "I had to keep replacing brushes as they bent or the sponge had shredded," she says. This sturdy brush has a flexible design to tackle those hard-to-reach corners.

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Halo Sleepsack Easy Transition


Keeping little ones snug and comfortable during naptime is simple with the Halo Sleepsack Easy Transition. Ashley Condon uses this baby sprinkle gift in place of blankets after her baby outgrew the swaddling stage. "They are cute, easy to put on, and always a good indicator that it's bedtime," she says.

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Lascal Buggyboard Maxi


Angelina, a mom of two whose family is stationed at the Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo, likes the Lascal Buggyboard Maxi for walking to and from the bus stop. "It's really nice for [my 3-year-old] that she can 'jump' in and out of the stroller she shares with her sister, and she can explore while going on walks and take breaks if she gets tired," she says.

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Solly Baby Wrap


With active kids and a newborn, parents need to be able to bring their baby along wherever they go. The Solly Baby Wrap lets you keep your baby close and comfortable. Condon loves the lightweight design of this stylish wrap. "I could have my hands free to chase the toddlers while the baby snoozed in the wrap," she says.

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BOB Gear Double Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie
BOB Gear

Managing a double stroller is a skill that parents of multiples come to master, and the BOB Gear Revolution Duallie is one that offers a sweet ride. "It's such an easy push and fits through all doorways," says Condon. "It's awesome to use at the beach and in the airport."

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