9 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents Who Already Have Kids

Seasoned parents already own some newborn essentials, so it can be challenging to find the perfect baby shower gift. Check out our guide for nine practical ideas.

baby shower gift for mom with kids
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A parent who's just welcomed baby number two (or three, four, five...) knows they really need a large supply of the basics. Think diapers, wet wipes, rash cream, nipple balm, muslin cloths, bibs, onesies, and other items used on a daily basis. Pop all these new baby essentials in a box and wrap it up—we guarantee it'll be a much-appreciated gift!

If you want to go beyond the basics, here are nine other ideas for showering a parent who's just added another little one to their brood.

1. Babysitting

Ask any parent what they really want, and near the top of the list will probably be some alone time. You don't need to wait until the baby is older to give the gift of babysitting. Offer to spend a couple of hours in the family home, which will give the new parent a chance to take a long bath, read a book, go for a walk—anything they usually take for granted. If the baby sleeps while you're babysitting, make yourself useful and do some laundry, ironing, or tidying.

2. Storage Boxes

With each baby comes a lot of new equipment, gadgets, clothes, and toys. Make a new parent's life easier (or at least less cluttered) by gifting them some savvy storage options. Matching containers transform into attractive toy holders, hooks and shelves are perfect for clothes and towels, and a personalized wooden box can hold all those special keepsakes.

3. A Pamper Day

Breakfast in bed and luxury bath products can pamper any new parent—but nothing beats getting out of the house for an entire day without worrying about feeding, burping, and changing diapers. Whisk them off to a local salon for relaxing treatments, adult conversation, and as much silence as they want.

4. Baby Sling/Carrier

A baby sling or carrier lets you hold your little one hands-free. The product is helpful for parents with an older child in the stroller, and it also comes in handy around the house. After all, you sometimes need two hands to deal with rowdy children!

5. Family Photo Session

Nowadays, it's easy for parents to capture their newborn's every movement with their smartphone. This makes a traditional photo session an extra special gift. Printed photos provide a lovely, permanent record of their growing family—something they'll treasure more than the endless Instagram selfies.

6. A Clean House

No parent should have to worry about housework in that sleep-deprived, chaotic newborn haze. To lend a helping hand, hire a cleaner to give their entire house a once-over. Bringing a new baby home can be stressful (no matter how many times you've done it before) so anything you can do to make their life easier—and cleaner!—will go a long way.

7. Prepared Food

New parents need to eat! Help them maintain strength without having to spend ages in the kitchen by preparing and cooking meals. Lots of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores create food parcels and deliver them locally. Alternatively, make a list and go shopping on their behalf with all the basics they need for the next few days or weeks, then spend a day in their kitchen cooking up some tasty, nutritious, and freezable family dinners.

8. Gift Card

Clothes are a popular shower gift, but babies might end up with dozens of outfits in the same size—especially if they already have a closet full of hand-me-downs. As an alternative, consider a gift card to a cute baby store, which parents can use to fill gaps in the baby's wardrobe. You can also band together with other shower-goers to purchase a more expensive gift card; the higher value can go toward a larger registry item, such as a new car seat or bounce chair.

9. Luxury Treats

This gift has absolutely nothing to do with the new baby and everything to do with the parent! Gift them a bottle (or crate, if you're feeling particularly generous) of their favorite wine, and when they're finally putting their feet up at the end of a hectic day, they'll be toasting you for your superb gift-giving skills. Other treats can have the same effect—think a box of luxury chocolates or their favorite potato chips!

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