Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble

This baby shower game reveals which one of your guests has the best puzzle-solving skills. Whoever solves the word scramble first wins!


A baby shower isn't complete without a fun game. Test your guess puzzle skills with this clever take on the baby shower word scramble. For the baby shower word scramble, you'll need card stack, small envelopes, scissors, a writing utensil, a hole punch and tags. First, choose your three-game words, one that's easy, one that's medium and one that's a little hard. Print out the three words and cut up each word letter by letter. Make sure you print them in three different colors so the players don't get their words all mixed up. Separate the letters for the three levels into different envelopes. Make all three for each guest. Punch a hole in the corner of each envelope. Then, stack the three together from easy to hard. Write your guest's names on the tags then tie the tags through the corner holes of the envelopes. Place these word scramble place cards at each seat at your table and the first guest to unscramble their words wins a prize.

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