Baby Shower Games: Wooden Blocks

This baby shower craft will leave your guest of honor with plenty of décor for baby's nursery. The blocks are easy for anyone to make and will last a lifetime.


Wooden blocks are a staple in every baby's toy collection. Get a little crafty at your next shower by making a unique set for your friends bundle of joy. For the baby block shower craft, you'll need 2-inch wooden blocks available at, acrylic paint, paint brushes, glossy mod podge, a foam brush and letter stickers. Start by putting a sticker on each side of your block. You could use letters, numbers or picture stickers but I'm just using letters. Paint each side a different color leaving three sides unpainted until the first three dry. Once the first three sides are dry, you can peel off the stickers and then paint the other three sides. Before you give the blocks to your guest of honor, seal the paint with mod podge so it doesn't smear or chip off. These blocks will be safest as a display toy on your child's shelf until he or she has passed that toy in the mouth phase. Even the craft challenge baby shower guest will feel super creative with this fun activity.

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