Baby Shower Games: Star Onesies

Your guests will love decorating one-piece baby outfit for Mom-to-be's little star with this craft. It's a baby shower activity and present that Baby will enjoy.


Baby showers are all about to star to be. Get creative with this one-piece craft. To set up a baby one-piece decorating station, you'll need card board, one-pieces, fabric markers, fabric glue, felt, scissors, stencils, rubber stamps and inkpads made for fabric. Go to to download our list of popular star faces. Just print them out and cut them into small pieces and drop them into a bowl. Ask everyone to choose a piece of paper and then create a design on their one piece that follows that theme. Cut cardboard rectangles to fit inside each one piece. This makes decorating much easier and keeps the one piece from wrinkling. The simplest decorating tool is the fabric marker. You can offer your designer stencils to create neat lettering or pictures. To use the rubber stamps, stamp the letters and shapes with fabric inkpads and let them dry. Make sure to set the ink with an iron before washing. For the more adventurous crafter, give your guest a variety of felt, scissors and fabric glue to cut their own shapes and letters. The little star will no doubt come into this world with a very creative wardrobe.

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