Baby Shower Games: Rubber Ducks

Bring all of your baby shower guests up to the tub for an unforgettable duck race. All you need are some rubber ducks and several craft staples.


Kid's birthday parties aren't the only celebrations that welcome playful competitive games. Try this rubber duck race at your next girlfriend's baby shower. For this baby shower game, you'll need a baby bath tub, numbered rubber ducks available at, craft paper of 1-1/2 inch round paper punch, a 1 round paper punch, a hot glue gun, string, scissors and number stickers. For this race game, you wanna make matching number badges for each player and her duck. Punch a 1-1/2 inch circle from one color of craft paper and then a 1 inch circle from a similar color in a different shape. Match the colors to the ducks. Cut a piece of string that's long enough to make a necklace about 18 inches. And then glue the two ends of the string in between the two circles with your hot glue gun. Stick a number sticker that matches the duck's number to the front of the badge. Now here's how to play. Two or three guests place their ducks at one end of a water filled baby tub. Contestants wearing their number necklaces blow on their ducks and the first duck to reach the other side wins a prize. This rubber duck game is so much fun and your baby shower guests will have a blast.

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