Baby Shower Games: Nursery Rhymes

For a little friendly competition, diivide into teams and find out who knows the most nursery rhymes at your baby shower. As a bonus. Mom-to-be will learn a few new tunes to help her soothe Baby when the time comes.


Quiz your baby shower guests with their knowledge of nursery rhymes with this fun trivia game. For this baby shower game, you'll need a piece of foam core, a large sheet of decorative paper, card stock, colored envelops, colored stickers, a large paper punch tape, number stamps and a name pad and glue dots. Wrap your foam core like a present with a decorative paper and tape it on the back. Then, write your nursery rhyme trivia questions on small pieces of paper and seal them into envelops with colorful stickers. Punch a shape out of card stock and stamp the point value in the center. Use the glue dots to hang the point value markers along the top of your foam core. Create columns of envelops on your foam core just below the point markers. Attach them to the board with glue dots. To play, divide the group into two teams and ask them to select from the various point values with the higher points being more difficult and the team with the most points wins the price.

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