Baby Shower Games: Homemade Quilt

Create a homemade quilt that Baby will treasure forever. Each baby shower guest will love decorating her own fabric square.


-There's nothing more meaningful that a homemade quilt for a newborn especially when it's made at a baby shower. -For the homemade quilt project, you'll need light colored fabric, a 5 x 5 inch square of cardboard, fabric markers, pencils, cookie cutters and scissors. Trace your cardboard square onto the fabric with a fabric marker. Make one square for each guest then cut them out. Don't worry about the marker lines, they will disappear when the squares are sewn together. Use your cookie cutters to trace pictures, letters or numbers onto the quilt squares. Guest can add their own designs in and around their stencil shape. Sew these squares into a quilt for mom and baby to treasure.

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