14 Kid-Friendly Baby Shower Games

It's a baby shower and everyone's invited -- even the little ones! Need baby shower ideas for the kids at the party? Play these fun and festive games with guests of all ages.

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Place the Baby on the Belly

pregnant belly
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This baby shower game is a version of the party favorite Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

You'll Need:

-Cutouts of a baby (one for each participant)

-Poster-size image of the pregnant mommy-to-be


-Blindfold (a scarf or a bandanna will do)

How to Play:

Blindfold each participant. Hand each of them a paper baby with which to approach the picture of the mom-to-be. The object is to place the paper baby as close to the mommy's tummy as possible. The person who gets the closest wins.

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Baby Bottle Drink-Off

baby bottle
Bryan McCay

This is a drinking game for all ages. Each participant must compete to see who can finish all of the liquid inside the baby bottle the fastest.

You'll Need:

-Small, empty baby bottles (one for each participant)

-Juice, water, or any other appropriate beverage

-Bibs (optional, but a fun touch that keeps everyone neat and clean)

-Timer or watch

How to Play:

Fill each baby bottle with the liquid of your choice (halfway is plenty) and give one to each participant. Tell them to start chugging. The person who finishes the entire bottle first wins!

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Jelly Bean Bottle Game

jelly beans
Lara Robby

Can you guess how many jelly beans are inside the baby bottle?

You'll Need:

-Bag of jelly beans or M&M's

-Empty baby bottle (preferably a large one)

-Paper and pens

How to Play:

Fill the bottle with jelly beans, then pour them into a container and count them. Record the amount. Pour the jelly beans back into the bottle and screw the nipple back on. Show the guests the bottle, ask them to estimate how many jelly beans are inside, and write their estimates, along with their names, on a piece of paper. The guess that is closest to the actual number wins.

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Draw the Baby

Bryan McCay

Calling all sketch artists! How well can you draw while in the dark?

You'll Need:

-Blindfold (a scarf or bandanna will do)

-Paper plates

-Crayons, pencils or pens

-Timer or watch

How to Play:

Give each participant a paper plate and a drawing implement and ask her to write her initials on the back of the plate. Blindfold each contestant and have her place her plate on top of her head. Start the clock. She must draw a picture using her head as the drawing surface and isn't allowed to look until the two-minute timer is up. At the end of the two minutes, the plates are collected and the mom-to-be gets to judge who is the most talented.

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Are You a Baby Foodie?

How well do you know baby foods? Well enough to take a blindfolded taste test? We hope so!

You'll Need:

- 6 jars of baby food (a nice variety of fruits, veggies, and meat)

-Plastic spoons

-Bibs (optional, but a fun touch and it keeps everyone neat and clean)

-Masking tape



How to Play:

Cover the labels of each jar with masking tape. Write numbers on each jar, making sure you record which number corresponds to which type of baby food. Give each guest a sheet of paper a pen, a bib, and a handful of spoons. Then have the guests taste each food and record which one they think is inside each jar. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

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Measure the Belly

measuring pregnant belly
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How many toilet sheet squares is Mama's belly?

You'll Need:

-1 to 2 rolls of toilet paper

How to Play:

Have someone give each guest a roll of toilet paper. Each guest takes a piece of toilet paper the length of which they think is needed to fit around mom-to-be's belly. After everyone has a piece, have each participant place her toilet paper around the fullest part of mom-to-be's belly to see if her guess was correct. The person with the length of toilet paper that is closest to the belly size wins.

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Dress the Baby Race

baby doll
Jay Wilde

Think dressing a doll is child's play? Try doing it blindfolded in this fun game of beat-the-clock.

You'll Need:

-A few baby dolls with their clothes removed

-Diapers (enough to correspond with the amount of dolls you have)

-Baby powder (as many powders as you have dolls)

-Blindfold (a scarf or bandanna will do)

How to Play:

Blindfold each participant. Set each one up with a doll, doll clothes, a diaper, and a bottle of baby powder. Whoever dresses the baby the fastest and the most completely (powder and all!) wins.

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Smelly Diaper Game

Fancy Photography/Veer

Does your nose have what it takes to spot the source of the smelly diaper?

You'll Need:

-5 or 6 disposable diapers

-5 or 6 food items with a strong or noticeable odor (mustard, banana, hard-boiled egg, etc.)

-Sharpie marker



How to Play:

Fill each diaper with a different smelly food item before the guests arrive. Fold up the diaper and seal it with the tabs like a neat little package. Use a marker to label each diaper with a number and record the content of each diaper and its corresponding number. Have your guests smell each diaper and ask them to record their guesses on the provided pen and paper. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins.

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Big Baby Diaper Game

toilet paper
Marty Baldwin

Unleash your inner fashionista to craft a diaper out of toilet paper.

You'll Need:

-Toilet paper

How to Play:

Divide guests into teams of two, and have one person construct a diaper on her teammate using only toilet paper. After 10 minutes, have the mother-to-be judge which diaper is the best or most creative.

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Design a Bodysuit

baby clothes
Peter Ardito

Get creative while helping baby score some custom-made outfits.

You'll Need:

-Baby bodysuits (enough for each participant)

-Fabric paint in different colors (enough so each participant gets a few colors each)

How to Play:

Hand each participant a bodysuit and paint, and ask her to draw a picture or create a design on the that she thinks baby-to-be would be proud to sport. Mom-to-be will judge which guest has the most creative design. Bonus: She gets to keep the swag!

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Big Belly Race

pregnant woman
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Bet you can't tie your shoe without your big belly getting in the way.

You'll need:

-Blown-up balloons

How to Play:

Have each participant put a balloon under her shirt and then have a race to see who can tie her shoes the fastest without losing or popping her balloon.

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Who's Your Mommy?

Think you have what it takes to guess the proper names of the mommy animals? It's more difficult than you think!

You'll Need:



How to Play:

Make a list of baby animals (for example, colt or filly, fawn, joey, etc...) and make copies of the sheet for each participant. Hand the list to each guest and ask her write down the name for its mommy (for example, horse, deer, kangaroo). The person with the most correct answers wins.

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Bobbing for Nipples

bottle nipple

This game is like bobbing for apples but way more fun!

You'll Need:

-A package of new baby bottle nipples

-A baby bathtub or other large container that can hold water

-Timer or watch

How to Play:

Fill the baby bathtub halfway with water and dump the baby nipples into it. Set the timer for one minute and see how many nipples each person can fish out before her time is up. The person with the most nipples wins.

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Musical Pacifier

NUK pacifier
Peter Ardito

This game is like hot potato, but with a pacifier!

You'll Need:

-A pacifier

-A radio, CD, or iPod

How to Play:

Put someone in charge of the music and ask your guests to pass the pacifier around until the music starts. Whoever has the pacifier when the music stops, is out. Continue like this until there is only one person left. The last lady standing wins.

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