Baby Shower Games: Baby Shower Bingo

If you are looking for an easy game that's sure to be a hit, baby shower bingo works well with any theme. In this version, guests try to predict which gifts from the registry Mom-to-be will open.


What's a classic parlor game that can be played anywhere even a baby shower. Bingo. Let's play. For baby shower bingo, you'll need card stock, pens or pencils, circle stickers and scissors. Go to and download and print the blank bingo cards. Trim them with scissors and pass them out to everyone at the party with a pen or a pencil. Ask your guests to write in baby items that would appear on the mom to be's registry to complete their boards. The good thing is no two will be exactly the same because each guest creates her own card. As the guest of honor is opening her presents, players mark off their boxes with these colorful circle stickers, of course, filling the free space first. Whoever completes a row, column or diagonal first wins. For those who wants to play on a fun game without a lot of prep, baby shower bingo is the one for you.

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