Baby Shower Games: Baby Photo Game

Would anyone be able to guess what you looked like as a baby? Find out, and try to match everyone else with their baby photos, in this fun baby shower game.


Ask your guest to email a baby photo of themselves before the party to play this adorable baby shower game. For this baby shower game, you'll need pattern paper, photo paper, solid paper, glue dots, string, scissors, number stamps, an ink pad, closed pins, two round paper punches, washi tape and a ruler. On your home computer, crop and print out the emailed baby photos to about 4 x 5 inches. When you're trimming them, leave about a quarter inch white border around each photo. Then take your decorative paper and cut it to a about 5 x 6 inches. Use your glue dots to attach the photo to the pattern paper. Stamp numbers on solid paper and then center the smaller punch over the number and punch it out. Punch a larger circle in the opposite colored paper. Use a glue dot to adhere the smaller circle to the larger one. Cover one side of your closed pins with a piece of washi tape. Just trim it to fit and press the edges down and around the sides of the closed pin like this. With a glue dot, attach your number tag to the bottom point of your closed pin. Clip the photos to a string, hang it on the wall and have the group guest who is who.

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