Baby Shower Games: Baby Animals

We all know that a baby cow is a calf, but what about a baby goose? Challenge your guests to match adult animals with their babies in this fast-paced and fun baby shower game.


We all know that dogs have puppies and cats have kittens but did you know that a kangaroo has a joey. Test your guess knowledge of animals and their offspring with this fun and challenging baby shower game. For this project, you will need foam core, four colors of felt, cardstock, scissors, straight pins and a hot glue gun. Cut a piece of felt about 2 inches longer and wider than your foam core then take your straight pins and pin it to the board. Stretch the felt as you go to make it tout. Go to to download these names of baby animals and their corresponding adult names then just cut them out. Glue the adult animal names, the ones in all caps to one color of felt and glue the baby names to another color. Cut them all out leaving about a quarter inch border of felt around each edge. Now, just print out silhouettes of the animals from free clipart websites and glue them on to a fourth color of felt and cut around the edge of the animal. Now, here's how you play the game. Invite your guests one at a time to the board and give them a set time about 60 seconds or so to match up the adult animals with the baby animals with the pictures. At the end of the guest turn, the hostess tells her how many she got right without revealing the answers. Whoever gets the most correct wins a prize. Not only is this game fun but you may learn a little something too.

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