17 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Send your guests home with one of these special and personalized baby shower favors. We guarantee they won't get left behind!

Hair Tie Wedding Favor
Courtesy of Etsy. Photo: Courtesy of Etsy
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Scented Candles

baby shower candle favors
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

Baby shower candle favors will please every guest at the party. Choose a scent with significance for the parent-to-be—for example, if they're due in the fall, gift everyone candles with "pumpkin spice" or "autumn leaves" fragrances. This adorable option from Etsy is finished with made-to-order lids.

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Delicious Donuts

Baby Donut Favors
Grey Grey Designs

Powdered, sprinkled, glazed, or jelly-filled. We don't care what type... the idea of handing out adorable mini donuts as baby shower favors is definitely something we can get on board with. As a bonus, this cheap baby shower favor won't set you back hundreds of dollars!

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Celebratory Champagne

Champagne Label for Baby Shower
Etsy / StudioBLabels

You can't drink alcohol during pregnancy, but why shouldn't guests toast the arrival of the newborn? These personalized champagne bottle labels from Etsy create the perfect celebratory surprise.

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Pots of Honey

Little Honey Pot Favors

Guests will love bringing home jars of honey as personalized baby shower party favors. Courtney from Pizzazzerie decorated the jars with a DIY lid label, which will remind guests of the festivities every time they use the natural sweetener.

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Customized Cooler

Baby Shower Favor Koozie
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

These customized Koozies are perfect for celebrating a beer-drinking parent-to-be. The wording on the Etsy product is absolutely adorable ("A baby is brewing!"), and guests can choose between plenty of color options.

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Colorful Candy

Candy Favors
Lily Shop

When Jessie of Lily Shop was having a baby, her loved ones went above and beyond by creating a special 'I Love Olive' baby shower theme (inspired by the classic "I Love Lucy" TV show). One of the cutest things they included were paper cake boxes printed with 'I Love Olive' for guests to fill with candy.

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Hair Tie

Hair Tie Wedding Favor
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

Expecting a little princess? Personalized hair ties are a thoughtful, functional, and cheap baby shower favor for girls. These fabric elastics from Etsy come in dozens of inspired prints.

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Bow Ties

Bow Tie Favors
The Pleated Poppy

Need baby boy shower favors? Send guests home with hand-crafted bow ties, the way Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy did for the "Little Man" baby shower she threw for her friend. Guests wore the bow ties during the actual shower, and then everyone took them home to gift to husbands, their own baby boys, fathers ... whomever was deserving enough of such an adorable and thoughtful gift.

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Baby Bookmark

Baby Shower Favor Bookmark
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

Need cheap baby shower favors for a girl or boy? Buy a bundle of bookmarks! Many online options, like this one from Etsy, allow a personalized message tailored to your future bookworm.

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Mustache Pint Glasses

Moustache Pint Glass Favors
Frog Prince Paperie

Both functional and fun, mustache-themed pint glasses can be used for years after the celebration ends. This DIY baby shower favor is especially suitable if parent-to-be is expecting a baby boy.

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Baby Rose Bushes

Baby Rose Bush Favors

When Courtney of Pizzazzerie was expecting her own little bundle of joy, the theme for her shower was "Pink, White & Roses"—so it only made sense that guests were sent home with flower pots filled with baby roses. Of course, you don't need to have a rose-themed party to copy this baby shower favor idea!

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Beautiful Bracelet

Baby Shower Bracelet
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

Sending guests home with a thoughtful bracelet is a lovely way to express gratitude. This cotton cord bracelet from Etsy, which also includes a lovely charm, is said to make the recipient's wishes come true! It also comes in a host of different color options.

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Succulent Surprise

Succulent Baby Shower Favor
Etsy / AlpenglowJungle

Wrapped in stylish burlap, these succulent baby shower favors will brighten up guests' homes. (And succulents require minimal effort, so even those without a green thumb will love them!)

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Tea Bags

Personalized Tea Bag Favors
Frog Prince Paperie

Paula of Frog Prince Paperie whipped up personalized boxes filled with tea bags for a "Baby Love" shower. As all busy people can attest, there's nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea at the end of a long day!

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Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Baby Shower Favor
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

As the parent-to-be is filling countless baby bottles, their guests might be popping bottles of their own. This adorable metal bottle opener is a unique baby shower favor idea, and it will serve as a functional memento of the festivities.

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Seed Packets

Seed Packet Favors
Frog Prince Paperie

Want to send your guests home with a DIY baby shower favor that will actually last? Take a cue from Paula at Frog Prince Paperie, who crafted these seed packet vases. The entire project only took her seven minutes to put together!

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Bubble Bath

Bubble Favors
Allyson Wiley Photography

Nothing says "thanks for joining, I appreciate you" more than luxurious bubble bath. These individual bubble containers are perfect for fitting into purses for guests to transport home. That's a baby shower favor that anyone can get behind!

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