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If you're planning a baby shower, you're in the right place.Here you'll find baby shower ideas, including baby shower themes, fun baby shower games, baby shower gifts, and more.

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Baby Showers Save Adoptive Parents Major Money—It's Time We Normalize Them
Adoption can cost up to $50,000, and for adoptive parents, baby showers can be a great way to bring down some of the expenses of welcoming a new child. So why aren't they more common?
The 7 Best Baby Registry Services for Expectant Parents
Create your dream wish list at Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, and more retailers.
24 Best Baby Shower Gifts for 2021
Whether you're celebrating in person or virtually, shower expecting parents with one of these unique baby shower gift ideas for boys, girls, and new moms, too.
Virtual Baby Shower Ideas For When Loved Ones Can't Be There
Traditional baby shower are getting a virtual twist while the country fights the coronavirus pandemic with social distancing measures. From how to host the perfect video hangout to what games to play, here's how to make your remote celebration a memorable one.
10 Best Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas, According to Moms
Gearing up for your second baby? You may think you have everything you need—an extra pair of hands would be nice!—but life with another child requires some extra supplies. Moms in the know share their picks for the sprinkle gift ideas that helped them master the next chapter of motherhood like a pro.
10 Baby Sprinkle Invitations We Love
A baby sprinkle differs slightly from a baby shower as it's typically a simpler occasion, but invitations are still a must! Whether you are opting to celebrate with a literal "sprinkle" theme or are going with something more timeless, we have rounded up an assortment of stationery styles for boys, girls, as well as gender-neutral sprinkle invitations all guaranteed to get everyone excited. After all, first comes stationery, then comes celebration, then comes baby #2 in a hand-me-down carriage!

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How to Plan a Baby Sprinkle That Will Feel Totally Different From Your Shower
From who to invite to raindrop themes, consider this your guide to planning a scaled-down baby shower for baby number two, also known as a baby sprinkle.