Babyproofing Your Home: Toys

Chances are that whatever you give your little one to play with will end up in her mouth, so be careful of choking hazards. There'€™s a quick test to know if a new toy is safe for your child. Follow these child safety tips to help keep your child safe with her toys.


[MUSIC] Toys made for children under the age of three can't pose a choking hazard. However it's still crucial to inspect all new playthings. And keep in mind that parts might break, or become loose over time, so check them often. Other items in your home may look like toys to your baby, so look at the house through their eyes. If you have a desk, keep scissors and staplers and pens and pencils up high and out of their reach. In the bathroom, keep beauty products and hair tools where baby can't get them. Keep out of reach remote controls, watches, and flameless candles. These devices often contain lithium ion batteries. These small coin sized batteries can be deadly if ingested. This is an example of a remote control with a lithium ion battery. They're often secure, but if a child plays with it like a toy, banging it against things. They can come loose and pop out. So always keep these up high and out of reach. If you're unsure whether or not a toy is safe, try the toilet paper roll test. If it doesn't fit into the toilet paper roll tube, then its safe for baby. If it does fit into the tube, put it away for later, when your child is older.

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