Toy Safety

For babies, there's nothing quite like a new toy. The colors, the feel, the sound, and of course, the taste. toys are awesome! But if you're not careful, toys can be dangerous, too. Learn which toys to avoid, which ones were recalled, and more.

Latest Kid Toy Recalls

Make sure your kid isn't playing with a potentially harmful toy.

The Scoop on Unsafe Toys

Get the facts and safeguard your child's well-being.

Arts and Crafts Safety

Some of your child's art supplies may contain hazardous materials. Here's how to see if they're safe.

What To Do if a Product You Own Is Recalled

Decisions about how to react to a recall if you have small children can be a matter of life or death.

Health Update: Are Your Kids' Toys Causing Hearing Damage?

A new survey of popular toys -- including Tickle Me Elmo -- found that many may be loud enough to cause permanent damage if misused. Make sure you check the rest of this list -- and learn what to do about it.

Latest Gear Recalls

Make sure you don't own these potentially harmful products.

Babyproofing Your Home: Toys

Chances are that whatever you give your little one to play with will end up in her mouth, so be careful of choking hazards. There's a quick test to know if a new toy is safe for your child. Follow these child safety tips to help keep your child safe with her toys.

How to Buy Baby Toys on a Budget

There are plenty of ways to save on baby toys -- including making them yourself! We'll tell you how to stock your munchkin's playroom on a budget.

Five Dangerous Products to Get Out of Your House

Some dangerous items that have already been recalled may be in your home. If they are, you should get rid of them.

What Is a Recall?

It might not be what you think. But it is something every parent needs to know about.

Unsafe Toys

In addition to choosing a toy that is fun and stimulating, parents need to make sure a toy is age-appropriate and safe. Check for the following with every new gift, swap, or purchase.

Why So Many Recalls Are Child-Related

If you have a child, chances are you have a product that will be recalled. Children's products are among the highest profile recalls because of the potential dangers to a vulnerable population.

Playing With Baby: Baby Toys

Not only are baby toys fun for playtime, they can help your cutie develop her fine motor skills as well. Find out which kind of toys are best for your tot and why.