Baby Gate Safety: How to Prevent Injuries

Baby gate injuries have quadrupled in a 10-year period, according to a new study by Nationwide Children's Hospital. Keep your little one safe with these tips on how to properly install gates in your home.


Let's read a book. As a pediatric nurse and mom, Jessica Fannon knows firsthand how common injuries around the house can be. I thought my whole house was child proofed, you know. I'm a nurse. I do all this. I don't think anything can happen to my child, and it did. In an instant Jessica's daughter pushed past a baby gate and tumbled down 14 steps. And a newly published study at Nationwide Children's Hospital shows, injuries like those are becoming more common. Despite the voluntary standards and the recalls that we've seen for gates, we're still seeing a really significant increase in the number of injuries related to gates. Lara McKenzie led the study. From 1990 through 2010, more than 37,000 children were treated in emergency rooms for baby gate related injuries. During that span the number of injuries nearly quadrupled. Kids under two were mostly hurt falling down stairs while those ages two to six cut or bruised themselves climbing on gates. [NOISE]. Despite these findings, McKenzie strongly recommends families continue to use stair gates with proper precautions. Pressure mounted gates are great at the bottom of the stairs or between rooms, but you don't wanna use a pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs cuz they're to, they're to easily pushed though. Which is exactly what happened to Jessica's daughter. Luckily she ended up being okay. They assessed her, did scans, she was totally fine but I was very lucky. At Nationwide Children's Hospital this is Clark Howell reporting. It's early, Oh mommy feel.

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