Outdoor Safety

The great outdoors can seem not-so-great when your baby is itchy, sunburned, or suffering from bug bites. Here you'll get outdoor safety tips for summer and winter - plus learn how to keep your baby safe in the playground and water.

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5 Best Baby Pool Floats for Safe Summer Fun
Thanks to shade-providing canopies and top safety features, these are the best baby pool floats on the market today to ensure your infant can splash around safely with the rest of the family.
How to Stay Warm Throughout the Winter Season
The weather outside may be frightful, but being cooped up isn’t delightful—for you or the kids. Check the thermometer—er, your weather app—and head out prepared with these stay-warm strategies from Hector de León, M.D., a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente Colorado in Fort Collins.  
5 Things I Learned From Taking a Baby Swim Class With Michael Phelps
In a class hosted by Huggies Little Swimmers, the most decorated Olympian in history showed me the best way to swim with a baby. (Spoiler alert: Most of us are doing it all wrong!)
Terrifying Video Raises Important Point About Pool Safety
When it comes to keeping your kids safe in the pool, you can't possibly be too careful—and a video that's surfaced makes that point loud and clear. 
Why Are So Many Kids Having Scary Reactions From Sunscreen? Experts Weigh In
The photos are scary; kids are having reactions from using sunscreens many parents think are safe. Here's what you need to know.
The Dangerous Stroller Mistake You're Probably Making
Covering your baby's stroller with a blanket to block the sun is a really bad idea.

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This video of a baby learning to "self rescue" herself from drowning has gone viral and sparked debate among parents.
Avoiding Accidents
Protect you and baby with these tips on safety at home and on the road.