Outdoor Safety

The great outdoors can seem not-so-great when your baby is itchy, sunburned, or suffering from bug bites. Here you'll get outdoor safety tips for summer and winter - plus learn how to keep your baby safe in the playground and water.

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The Differences Between Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

How do you distinguish between these poisonous plants, and what’s the best way to treat rashes that appear after touching them? We spoke with experts to find out.

10 Rules for Summer Safety

Dust off your grill and grab your swimsuits, because the lazy days of summer are here! With the right tools and preparation, summertime can be a relaxing and safe time for you and your family. Here are 10 ways to avoid seasonal mishaps.

Child Drowning First Aid: 7 Steps That Can Save a Life

Every parent and guardian should learn these emergency steps for treating a drowning victim.

Winter Weather Safety Guide

The winter season is officially here, which means that snow, ice, wind, and cold can start freezing, chapping, and irritating your kids. Use our tips below to keep your children safe all season long.

Baby Care Tips for Winter

Cold temperatures can be tough on your baby's tender skin—and make dressing him a puzzle. Learn how to keep your cutie safe and snug this winter.

More Outdoor Safety

Must-Know Tips for Summer Safety

Break out the bonnet, sunscreen, and water bottle. We've got you covered with these hot-weather tips.

How to Stay Warm Throughout the Winter Season

The weather outside may be frightful, but being cooped up isn’t delightful—for you or the kids. Check the thermometer—er, your weather app—and head out prepared with these stay-warm strategies from Hector de León, M.D., a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente Colorado in Fort Collins.  

Avoiding Accidents

Protect you and baby with these tips on safety at home and on the road.