Nursery Safety

There's more to the nursery than just decorating it. You need to think about your baby's safety too. Here you'll learn about crib safety, and how to create a safe nursery your baby will love.

The Safe Nursery

Many hazards aren't obvious. Read on to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Checklist: Crib Toy and Pacifier Safety

Although soothing to baby during waking hours, pacifiers and other crib toys can block airways and should be removed from reach when baby drifts off to sleep.

Q&A: Are Bumpers Safe?

A new study found that bumpers may cause -- rather than prevent -- crib injuries.

How Safe is Your Baby's Sleep?

American Baby, in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide, polled more than 4,500 new moms with babies 1 year old and younger to find out how they put their child to sleep. While nearly all told us they know the steps for reducing the risk of sleep-related infant death, too many disregard them. AB investigates.

Checklist: Safe Bedding

Must-Read Guide to Buying Window Coverings

Steps you should take to avoid putting your little ones at risk.

What's Wrong with this Nursery?

Baby's domain sure is cute. But is it safe? Try to suss out the 10 trouble spots in this nursery. Then read on to see how you fared.

Crib Safety

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Could bumper rails hurt my baby?

New Jersey Will Be the First State to Give Free Baby Boxes to New Parents

New and expectant moms in New Jersey can go home with cardboard boxes for their babies to sleep in. Here's why that's kind of a big deal.

How to Create a Safe Crib

Follow these steps to ensure a secure sleep haven.

Nursery Safety Tips

Learn how to keep your baby safe and sound in the nursery.

Safe-Sleep Guide for Baby

A lot has changed with the past generation when it comes to the sleep environment for babies. The once-standard drop-side crib is now banned. The idea of what should -- or should not -- be in a crib is still in flux. Follow this guide to safe sleep for babies to make sure you create the safest possible environment.

Babyproofing Your Home: Nursery

Crib safety isn't the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to baby proofing your baby's nursery. Did you know that window blinds could be a strangulation hazard? Follow these child safety tips to help keep your child safe in the nursery.

Mom Shares Scary Crib Story as a PSA to Other Parents

After a terrifying crib-related incident, this mom is spreading an important message about safety.

4 Genius Ways to Make Your Nursery Safer

As part of the Safe and Sound Home series on our sister site Better Homes & Gardens, we invited a style expert to upgrade one family's nursery. See how we gave these new parents some peace of mind without sacrificing style.

5 Steps to a Safe Nursery

If you're expecting a baby--or just welcomed one--you'll need help baby-proofing the nursery. These five tips will help create a safer space for your little one.