Lifting an Infant (6 months of age)

Must-know tips for safely lifting a 6 month old baby and advice on comfortable positions for holding a child this age.


To lift a child that is 6 months old, place your hands below your baby's armpits and lift him towards you. Unlike lifting a newborn child, you will not need to support his head. After 6 months, the muscles in the baby's neck and head have strengthened and he will be able to hold up his own head. Let's compare how to lift this 6-month-old and a 4-week-old. The 4-week-old baby has no control of his movements and he will need to support his head and neck with 1 hand behind his neck. The 6-month-old baby has more control of his head movements and doesn't need the same support. Look at how the woman on the left supports her baby's head with her left arm as she lifts him up. Once you have lifted your baby, you can hold him like this. Hold the baby firmly around his waist so that he can look around. Your other arm should be used to support him underneath his bottom. This is another comfortable holding position where the baby can face you. He is sitting safely on your hip and can look around.

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