Lead Poisoning

What is lead poisoning? Learn the basics about this common household danger that can severely damage your child's brain and nervous system.Learn why lead is dangerous, how to prevent lead poisoning, and more.

9 Ways to Prevent and Deal with Lead Poisoning

After fading from public consciousness for a few years, questions about lead's impacts have reemerged. Here are nine ways to protect your family.

Checklist: Crib Toy and Pacifier Safety

Although soothing to baby during waking hours, pacifiers and other crib toys can block airways and should be removed from reach when baby drifts off to sleep.

The Dangers of Lead: Could Your Home Be Contaminated?

The scary truth: Almost half of all homes in the U.S. contain lead -- and many have toxic levels of this poison. Is yours one of them? For more information visit our Lead Contamination resource Guide, click link below.

Popular Sippy Cups Test Positive for Lead in Parent Trials

The company initially issued a voluntary recall of the cups, but has since backtracked, saying their own tests revealed "safe" levels of lead.

New Lead Danger

Guidelines on safe lead levels in children updated.

Parents Report: Lead Astray

It's not just old paint that's poisonous -- this toxic metal can be in water and soil, as well as in a scary number of children's products.

Baby Care Basics: What is Lead Poisoning?

Could your child get lead poisoning from your home? Learn if he could be at risk and how to prevent this from happening.