July 02, 2015

Q: What should I keep in mind while babyproofing the bathroom?

A: The most crucial piece of advice: Don't leave your baby alone in the bathroom, and especially don't leave your child alone in the bathtub, even for a second. Babies can drown in a few inches of water; don't run out to answer the phone or do anything else unless you pull your child out and take him with you. As with other rooms, move harmful products (cleaning products, etc.) to high shelves, and keep all electrical appliances unplugged to avoid electrical dangers. You'll also want to buy some childproofing gear, like latches for the medicine cabinet (be sure all medications have a childproof cap), and a toilet lock that keeps the lid clamped when not in use. You should set your water heater to 120 degrees to avoid potential bathtub burns (you can use a bath thermometer to make sure baby's bathwater is a safe temperature, between 90 and 100 degrees). --Jessica Hartshorn

Originally published in American Baby magazine, September 2004. Updated 2009.

Answered by American Baby Team

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