Kitchen and Food Safety

Being knowledgeable about food safety can help prevent food poisoning. Here you'll learn about food safety, what to do if your baby gets food poisoning, general kitchen safety and more.

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Pediatricians Issue Cautions About Chemicals in Plastics & Food Packaging

A new report flags certain chemicals as potentially harmful, especially for babies and young kids. Here are steps you can take to cut your family's exposure.

Simple Kitchen Safety Tips Could Prevent a Disaster

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it can also be one of the most dangerous zones, especially with small children. Follow along with the Safe & Sound Home series on our sister site Better Homes & Gardens as the style expert turns this kitchen into a safe cooking zone.

Recall Alert: Gerber Pasta Pick Ups

The company has recalled its cheese ravioli because it’s not safe for kids with egg allergies.

New Study: Parents Don't See Kitchen Dangers for Kids

The highest frequency of burns occurs in the kitchen, with one-year-olds at the greatest risk for injury by scalding, a new study shows. How are we letting this happen?

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Childproof Kitchens

Learn how to protect your little helpers with Child's safety tips.

What to Do for Food Poisoning: A Parents Guide

Contaminated food can make kids — and adults — very sick within hours. Here's what to do if someone in your family gets food poisoning, plus the most common culprits to avoid.