How to Buckle Baby Into a Car Seat

Securing baby in his car seat can be a challenge, but it's a necessity in keeping him safe. Follow these tips to be sure baby's buckled in right.


-The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the baby's right rear facing in the back seat until age 2. Go to to find a technician in your area who can check that your seat is installed correctly. If you have a new born, he won't have enough next strength to hold his head up. So, install the car seat at about 45 degree angle to prevent his head from flopping forward which could interfere with his breathing. Be sure to make the strap snugged to prevent your baby from slopping sideways. If you can pinch the straps between your fingers, they're too loose. To ensure that the shoulders straps are in the correct position, place the harness retainer clip [unk] with your baby's armpits resting on his breast bone. In cold weather, remember to remove your baby's snow suit or winter jacket before putting him in the seat. Certain clothing my also block access to the buckle between your baby's legs where the straps connect. So make sure that area is clear. Once your baby is strapped in, you can wrap a blanket around them to keep them one. Your baby may not be happy about getting strapped into his car seat. If he is squirming or crying, stay calm and focus on buckling him in. The important thing is that he is safe.

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