Car Safety

The law requires that your baby sit in a car seat when you’re driving. Here you'll get car seat safety tips, including tips for choosing a car seat, car seat safety secrets, and more.

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Can You Afford to Buy Your Teen a Car?

It's one of the worst times to buy a car in decades—but you may still want to. Here's help breaking down annual costs to determine whether you can afford to buy your teen a car.

661,000 Ford Explorer SUVs Recalled Over Safety Concerns

Roof rail covers could possibly detach while driving the vehicle, which raises the risk of crash or injury.

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Horrifying Police Video Reminds Parents of the Dangers of Leaving Children in Hot Cars

Police in Texas found a 1-year-old locked inside a hot car, crying and covered in vomit. Fortunately, the child was saved—but more than 900 children have died from heatstroke over the past decade. Here's what parents need to know.

Florida Baby Dies After Being Forgotten in Her Daycare's Van for 5 Hours in 92-Degree Weather

Daycare employees only realized the infant was missing after the little girl's mom called to make pick up arrangements.