The Complete Guide to Babyproofing

Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, shows you how to babyproof your home, room by room.


-Hi there, I'm Alison Rhodes for Safety Mom. I have a baby proofing company, safety mom solutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area, and we are here today to talk about how to make how to make your home safe for your baby. So, let's start here, one of the most important places, the bottom of the stairs. Falls are the leading cause of accidents for children 1 to 14 years of age. So, you wanna make sure you have the stairs gated off. You wanna have a hardware fixed gate because any baby pushing against it, it could come right over. I love how we have all the family pictures here, but unfortunately going down the stairs probably not a good idea and I'll tell you why. A toddler is here. They can lift this up. It's a great picture. It's gonna come right down on them. So, how easy that was for me. So, great to have the photos, but keep them way higher up out of reach to the toddler. Okay, from here, were gonna go to the kitchen, another area of danger and see what we need to do there. So, come on, first of all, one bit no, no, you don't want to have a towel over an over door. It's really easy for toddler to come in, pull it. It's gonna come right down on their head. When you're cooking, make sure you use the back burners and if you're having pots and pans turn back the handle so that they are not there where they can grab down on them. So, let's check what's under this cabinet, shall we? Okay, no lock. First of all, the toddler can walk right in here and let's look what's here, toxic chemical. The other think to keep in mind, they are like little octopuses. They can reach up further than you would ever know. So, look at this here. We've got a wire. They could easily grab this and start pulling this down on their head. There're a lot of things in a refrigerator that not only can be choking hazard, but can also be toxic to a child. We're gonna go upstairs and see what else we need to do. Come on. Sudden infant death syndrome is still the leading cause of death children 1 month to 1 year of age. It's important to keep the SIDS risk reduction measures in mind. That means an absolutely empty crib, completely empty except for a firm fitting mattress. No bumper pads. No stuff animals. No blankets, nothing. Drop-side cribs are no longer safe. They've been recalled. You wanna get a fixed-side crib. It's the safest place for baby to sleep. Consider getting a window guard that goes across the window completely. You also wanna look at things like lamp with a cord. The lamp is really easy for a toddler to pull down on. What you wanna do with any wires like this is whenever possible tuck them behind furniture or you're gonna fix them through the wall. When we look at the changing table too, there're a lot of creams here. People don't think about this, but this is toxic to a child. Even if you think it's a heavy item, a toddler who's standing on the bottom can cause this to tip over. You wanna make sure this is fixed to the wall. Let's take a look at the bathroom, another big hazardous area. So, we've got our toothpaste and all of this here and when we have toddlers around, they're gonna put that toothpaste in their mouth that could be potentially toxic if they swallow too much. You wanna lock away all of these items. Kids drown in less than 2 inches of water. So what you want is a toilet lock. Now, look what I see here medicine, okay, even if it's a child safety cap, they can get it in it in less than 20 minutes. I see more glass here. I see gummy vitamins. Again, they look like candy. If they get into them, take too many, it's a potential hazards, so we need to get that out of here, and look at this cabinet, cute little cabinet, really easy to topple over, so make sure this is affixed. I would actually recommend getting this out of the bathroom. Here's why, corners, really sharp corners. If there's any water on this floor, slips and falls are the greatest in the bathroom for toddlers. They can hit their right in that corner there. If you have access to your hot water heater, you do not want the water more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Slips and falls, I recommend to everybody get grab bars even or toddlers in your bathtub, but now look at all of this stuff, I see bath shower concentrate. I see a lot of things, all toxic if they swallow them all. You wanna make sure that you have a nonskid slip mat underneath a rag like this. The thing that we have to remember is that one child is not gonna act like another child. So, if you have an older sibling and they didn't get in to anything, you might become a little complacent with the second and assume they are gonna be the same way. Don't make that mistake. They're all different. They're all gonna have their own safety vulnerabilities. So, make sure your baby proof each and every time and also make sure you sign up for any recall that happen because you may have had some stuff from the first child that now has been recalled. So, you really wanna know that. So, thanks for joining me today. There's a lot we covered. There's more than you can always find out, but any questions you have, you find it at I'm Alison Rhodes for Safety Mom. Thanks for joining.

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