Visiting friends and relatives is a great way to socialize your child. Here are tips to help make your visits safe.

October 05, 2005
  1. Conduct a quick childproofing review. Are stairs blocked? Are medicines, cleaning products, and breakables out of reach? Are electrical cords safely put away? Are sockets filled with safety plugs? Are windows closed at the bottom? Is access to decks and balconies restricted? Look around and correct or at least be on heightened alert for potential dangers.
  2. Have familiar and new toys available. Having playthings with which your child is comfortable as well as something new to hold her interest can help prevent your child from undue exploring to entertain herself.
  3. Cart along a safe space. If you'll be spending any time in another's home, consider packing a playpen, even if you generally don't use one, so that you have a safe space for your child.


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