Babyproofing Your Home: Living Room

Not only can it be tricky for crawling babies and toddlers to get around in a crowded living room, little ones can also be injured by heavy objects falling on them. Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your living room and help keep your child safe.


[MUSIC] Injuries from TV tip overs have increase a 125% in the last two decades. A child is killed from such an incident every three weeks. To kip your child safe, mount the television to the wall or place bulky ones on low stable furniture. This television currently isn't anchored, so that's what we're going to fix. [MUSIC] If you have a bookcase or a hutch you should anchor it to the wall. And in general it's a good idea to stack bookcases with the heaviest items on the bottom, going lighter as you go up. It not only makes them less tip prone, but it prevents a child from pulling a heavy book off from high up and having it come down on them. Low tables like coffee tables often have sharp corners. These can create a puncture wound when children fall on them, which often requires stitches. It's a good idea to cover these with soft corner guards to prevent that kind of injury. If you have a fireplace you should surround it with a gate or a screen. Also move any fireplace pokers and firewood somewhere where the baby can't get to it. And of course, you should never leave a baby in a room unattended. [MUSIC]

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