Babyproofing Your Home: Kitchen

You probably know to keep knives away from your baby, but did you know that an average of one child every hour has a high chair-related injury? Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your kitchen and help keep your child safe while you prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


[MUSIC] High chair injuries are on the rise. There are now an average of 9500 injuries involving a high chair a year. The number one thing you can do, to prevent an injury, is to use the restraints that come with the high chair. You need to use the restraints that keep the child from standing up, or from slipping out while they're in here. Here's two easy steps in the kitchen, to make the stove area safe. Never have the pan handles like this where a child could bump into them, or pull on them, having hot food come down on them. You should always use the back burners when cooking, and keep the pan handles out of the way, where nobody can grab them. When you're not cooking, it's a good idea to put stove knob covers on the stove knobs. This'll prevent the baby from accidentally turning the stove on. Most of the covers, you simply remove the knob, put the cover on, and then replace the knob again. It closes over the knob, preventing the baby from turning it on. Lots of people keep chemicals, and cleaning supplies, underneath the sink. It's a good idea to latch all the drawers and cabinets that a toddler could reach, to keep them out of those things. Be especially mindful, of dishwashing and laundry pods. These look like candy to children, and if they put them in their mouth, the gel can explode. So make sure these are up high and out of reach, or locked away where a child can't get to them. Now, these aren't latched right now, so we're gonna take care of that. [MUSIC] It's a good idea to keep one cabinet or drawer open, for a baby to get into. Let's save things, like Tupperware, or baby toys, so they can be nearby, and safely visible, but not underfoot while you're cooking. [MUSIC]

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