3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Office Safe

Home offices are important now more than ever. For the Safe & Sound Home series on our sister site Better Homes & Gardens, we sent a style expert to make sure one family's work room is up to our safety standards.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office Safe

Home offices have become an important room in recent years with the growing popularity of working remotely. This young family was no exception with the mom working from home and utilizing this space on a daily basis. We teamed up with design expert and mom-of-two young children, Emily Henderson, to come up with some safe and stylish solutions to make a sleek home office work harder for this family.

1. Unfiled Paperwork

As with most desks, this one had a paperwork pile. Emily Henderson came up with smart solutions to make sure this home office stays safe. The first solution: a shredder to ensure sensitive paperwork is disposed of safely. To protect important documents, hide them in plain sight. We purchased a safe and concealed it with a DIY-friendly box. What looks like a stack of storage boxes is actually hollowed out and glued back together. No thief would think to look under there!

2. Tangled Up

Emily immediately noticed there was a smarter solution to conceal all the cords home office electronics require. Since getting rid of the cords wasn't an option, we hid the cords in an inexpensive basket attached underneath the desk. This allows for easy access when necessary, but keeps all the cords out of sight. For the cords that required a power source, we hid them under a cord cover to remove the trip hazard.

3. A New Route

The router is an essential electronic in nearly every home. To keep it hidden yet accessible, Emily concealed it in a simple paper box. She tucked the router and cords in the box, cutting out a small hole for the power cord that leads down to the cord basket underneath the desk. The router is still accessible in the event it needs to be serviced, but the box hides the eyesore of an electronic.