13 Babyproofing Products to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn

Experts recommend childproofing your home at least three months before your due date—and again when your little one starts crawling. Our round-up of the best babyproofing products can make the process easier. Check out our top picks for babyproof outlets, light switches, cabinets, drawers, door locks, and more.

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Babyproof Carpeting

Slate Blue Rug for Babyproofing
Courtesy of Ruggable.com. Courtesy of Ruggable.com

Hardwood or tile floors can be tough on little knees. This abstract slate blue rug is a stylish way to provide some cushioning during the crawling stage. As a bonus, the rug cover can be detached and washed, which keeps things sanitary for your infant's developing immune system. Choose from nine different sizes on ruggable.com.

Price at time of publication: $219 for 5'x7'

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Toilet Lock

LidLok Toilet Lock for Babyproofing
Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby. Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby

Don't forget to babyproof the bathroom! The Mommy's Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok keeps your child's hands—and their clog-causing toys—out of the dirty toilet. It attaches to your bowl easily, and adults can open it with one hand.

Price at time of publication: $8

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Locked Food Canisters

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Canister Set
Courtesy of Bed Bed & Beyond. Courtesy of Bed Bed & Beyond

With these airtight food canisters, parents can safely keep their favorite snacks on the counter. The set comes with three jars in different sizes (1.9 quarts, 3 quarts, and 4.5 quarts), and they open with a pop-up button mechanism.

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Water Thermometer

Dreambaby Room and Bath Duck Thermometer
Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby. Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby

Bath water that's too hot can scald your baby's delicate skin, while water that's too cold can compromise their immune system. Enter the Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer. The yellow duck gives a color-coded temperature reading (red means too hot and green means too cold), so parents can adjust bath water accordingly.

Price at time of publication: $15

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Babyproofing Corner Guards

CalMyotis Babyproofing Corner Protestor
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Clumsy babies can run into sharp corners of counters, tables, and chairs—ouch! These transparent corner guards lessen the blow of the collision, preventing boo-boos without damaging furniture.

Price at time of publication: $14

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Furniture Wall Anchors

ShiChi Furniture Anchors for Babyproofing
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Once your child starts walking and crawling, they'll explore every corner of your home. Keep your curious tot safe with these non-slip adjustable safety straps. They anchor your furniture to the wall, where they can withstand 300 pounds of force. Use the straps on your bookshelves, tables, couches, chairs, dressers, and more!

Price at time of publication: $13

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Childproof Light Switch

Courtesy of Amazon
SnapPower SafeLight Outlet Cover. SnapPower SafeLight Outlet Cover

This best babyproofing product does double duty: protects against electrical hazards and transforms an outlet into a nightlight. It features an easy-to-install design, adjustable LED brightness, and a sliding outlet cover that closes immediately after removing a power cord.

Price at time of publication: $21

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Magnetic Lock System for Babyproof Cabinets

Safety 1ˢᵗ Adhesive Magnetic Lock System
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Your cookware cabinet and cleaning supply cupboard can be dangerous for children. That's why adhesive locks, which keep the doors securely closed, are babyproofing lifesavers. This easy-to-install option operates with a magnetic key and includes a template for installation.

Price at time of publication: $27 for 4 Locks

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Magnetic Safety Locks for Babyproof Drawers

Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks
Courtesy of Amazon.

Safeguard your silverware drawer with magnetic locks, like these ones made with 3M adhesive tape. The set comes with 12 locks to keep children out of hazardous drawers and cabinets. As another benefit, there's no drilling or screwing required for installation.

Price at time of publication: $13 for 12 Pack

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Babyproof Door Knob Cover

Munchkin Door Knob Cover

Yes, parents should even safeguard doors! These babyproof door handles make certain rooms off-limits to children, thanks to a tamper-resistant locking feature. They're ideal for blocking basements, garages, kitchens, and other dangerous areas of the house.

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Door Lock and Pinch Guard

DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Not only does this product restrict access to certain rooms, it also works as a pinch guard to protect delicate hands. You won't need tape or tools to install the lock, which keeps doors in a partially cracked position (hello, fresh air!)

Price at time of publication: $15

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Babyproof Stair Gate

Regalo Easy-Step Walk-Through Gate
Courtesy of Amazon.

To babyproof stairs, look no further than the Regalo Easy-Step Walk-Through Gate. The steel gate stands at 30 inches high, and it fits openings between 29-34 inches and 35-38.5 inches wide. Set it up in doorways or hallways when your little one starts traveling on their own.

Price at time of publication: $45

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Fireplace Gate

Best Choice Products Baby Safety Fence Hearth Gate
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

You might love snuggling by the hearth, but open flames increase the risk of fire-related accidents. Keep your child safe with this babyproof fireplace fence, which relies on wall-mounted hardware and a heavy-duty tubular steel frame for maximum safety. The gate also works nicely around the stove or grill.

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