This Quadruplet Preemie's Star Wars-Themed Photo Shoot Is Even Better Than the New Movie

In a nursery far, far away...

In a nursery far, far away...

The cast of Star Wars is back and cuter than ever in the latest newborn photo shoot to pull at our heartstrings—really though, have you ever seen Stormtroopers look so cuddly? Sci-fi fans Kylie and Phillip Szafranski welcomed the quadruplets-turned-Jedis at 29-weeks gestation and after spending time in the NICU, Damon, Gideon, Theo, and Emery are making their debuts all across the galaxy.  

Courtesy of Lizzy McMillan of Momento Studios and @Az_quadrupletmom 

The genius behind these stunning shots is newborn photographer Lizzy McMillan of Momento Studios—and it's fair to say she had her work cut out for her. McMillan initially planned to pay tribute to the iconic heroes of the original trilogy: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, as well as Yoda. But there is no light side without the dark side and Phillip insisted that the Szafranski quadruplets also represent the Empire.

"While I like to keep the majority of my work timeless, neutral and classic—I absolutely LOVE creating portraits like this that are unique, and special for each family's story," the Arizona based photographer explained. 

But 14 years as a photographer didn't prepare McMillan to find 3 Stormtrooper costumes and a Darth Vader costume fit for newborns (considering villain costumes are at a low demand for preemies). According to Babble, what could have easily been an "I have a bad feeling about this," moment turned out OK after McMillan found everything she needed at Build-A-Bear. 

“Not only did Build-A-Bear have the masks I needed for the Empire set, but they also carried a range of other outfits for all the Star Wars characters—that’s when I knew I needed to create both images,” McMillan told the site. 

With a few additional costume touches (Princess Leia's wool-crafted wig and Yoda's hand-knit cap), lots of baby prep to ensure the siblings were comfortable and calm, and a few extra hands on set, the shoot ran smoothly. 

"My favorite part of creating the Star Wars images was seeing the huge grin on Phil's face,"McMillan said. "Kylie and I had planned the details for the entire session and left these two setups for last—as a surprise for dad. He went for a walk with the quad's big sister, River, and came back in as we were wrapping up. He was grinning from ear to ear and said: 'Now that's awesome!'"  

It is obvious that the shoot perfectly encaptures the family's fun dynamic—now who's up for a Star Wars baby spin-off for the big screen? 


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