The 5 criteria for coming home from the hospital.

By the editors of American Baby magazine
October 03, 2005

Is your preemie close to going home? See if he or she meets the five criteria necessary for a preemie's release from the hospital.

In order for a preemie to be released, he or she must be:

1. Able to keep body temperature stable in an open crib.

2. Free of any apneas (pauses in breathing) causing slow heart rate (bradycardia) or change in color*.

3. Taking in an adequate number of calories.

4. Gaining weight steadily.

5. Sucking breast or bottle without breathing difficulties.

* Note: Some nurseries send infants home on apnea monitors if they're having short self-limited apneas (no color change or severe bradycardias and not needing stimulation to breathe again).

Sources: American Association of Pediatrics; University of Wisconsin Center for Perinatal Care

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