Baby Furniture

What kinds of furniture will you need to set up the nursery?Here you'll get ideas to create the perfect baby room.

Nursery Ideas: Design an Owl-Themed Nursery

Design your nursery to be a woodland wonderland with these owl-themed nursery ideas.
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Nursery Ideas: Design a Bird-Themed Nursery

If you plan on designing a bird-themed nursery for your little one, watch this video for all the decoration ideas for your baby's room to take flight.
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Pretty Cribs, No Bumpers!

Pediatricians across the country agree: Soft objects should not be near your infant during sleep. Here is proof that cribs can still be cozy and inviting even without the cushions.
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Cloud Nine: Creating a Dreamy Nursery

Planning a nursery is one of the pleasures of pregnancy. We found tons of pretty things to feed your decorating fantasies!
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