Here are the eye-catching nursery decor trends parents are sure to adore in 2019.

Pink Gold and Gray Nursery

Decorating your little one's nursery is an undertaking that can feel all at once exciting and overwhelming. After all, you want the feeling of the space to be comforting, stimulating for their imagination, and safe. You also want it to be a place where you can rest, relax, and play together. No doubt you'll want to take all of these factors into consideration when choosing the aesthetic of wall art, as well as nursery furniture and accessories.

At the same time, you may want to consider the styles rising in popularity with other parents. Thankfully, a sneak peek at the "Pinterest 100," which features the social media site's trends for 2019, includes a glimpse at top nursery decor trends for the coming year. Here's what you'll want to look out for and possibly incorporate into your L.O.'s room.

1. Vital stats - Pinterest reports that searches for birth stat signs are up 315%, as parents are looking to "get every inch and pound of those vital birth stats printed up to hang in the nursery."

2. Geometric chic - Parents are also incorporating "stylish geometric patterns and shapes." In fact, searches for "geometric decor" is up 1178%!

3. In the wild - Pinterest notes that "parents are adding just a touch of rough and worn to that warm and soft nursery," with searches for "rustic nursery ideas" up 136%. They point to Bachelorette couple JP and Ashley Rosenbaum's nursery for their baby boy, Fordham, which "carries a subtle travel theme throughout, along with industrial and rustic touches."

4. Bed or house - Call HGTV, because a new "tiny house" trend is happening—in children's rooms across the country. Parents of older kiddos are loving transitional toddler beds that have frames made to look like a tiny home. Pinterest notes that searches for "house frame floor beds" are up +90%.

5. Smart bassinets - Pinterest reports that searches for "smart bassinets" is up +851%. These "auto-rocking, white-noise-playing bassinets"—like Happiest Baby author Dr. Harvey Karp's SNOO—"soothe babies off to sleep and save parents some winks, too."