Smart Nursery Storage Solutions

bucket of essentials with BABY print in Ultimate Nursery
Keep all the toys from taking over with these space-saving organizational ideas.
Greg Scheidemann
Greg Scheidemann

Organized in Style

How can you contain all of the toys and essential products in your baby's room? Take some stylish storage cues from the Ultimate Nursery, as featured in American Babymagazine and Kids' Rooms, Etc. magazine.

There's a lot of stuff in this neat-looking nursery. Read on to see how it's all corralled.

Storage to the Ceiling

Prefabricated kitchen cabinetry purchased in a home supply store takes the place of expensive bedroom furniture. Securely stacking shallow ones to the ceiling makes great use of tall ceilings, and keeps little-used items from becoming clutter.

Lively Little Drawers

Small, colorful drawers fit nicely on the tall shelves, and contain small tubes of lotion, binkies, and other easily misplaced nursery items.

Under-Bed Access

Toys and extra bedding are neatly stowed in the trundle, which is fitted with a storage grid and rolls out for convenience. When sleepovers start in a few years, the storage grid can be replaced by a twin mattress.

Tucked Away Safely

Baby's got a favorite lovey? If its home is a pocket in an ottoman, you'll always know where it is.

Changing Functions

A simple shelf above the changing table makes a smart spot for storing fragile toys, special artwork, and essential supplies such as a pacifier or tube of diaper-rash cream.

Although this is actually a changing table, any deep, full-size dresser can be used as one with a safe, soft changing pad on top of it.

Coordinated Catch-Alls

Ever notice that so many little essentials accompany tiny babies? Our designer used these small containers throughout the room to add color and whimsy and help contain puzzle pieces, little brushes, etc. (This cow doesn't store anything, but she sure is cute!)

The Well-Planned Walk-In

The French doors to this walk-in closet were fitted with kid-safe tempered glass and punchy fabric that matches the room's juicy hues. They allow parents to close off an area that probably doesn't look this organized very often!

To maximize storage in this small walk-in closet, shelving was built into the walls to create deep compartments. (For a less-expensive alternative, securely stack store-bought modular storage cubes.)

Expandable Access

The closet nook is fitted with two rows of hanging rods to accommodate tinier wardrobes. As baby grows and the clothes get longer, one rod can be taken down. These hangers are expandable: they accommodate onesies now, polos later.

Hang It Up

Sure, an ordinary coat rack would have sufficed, but this guy not only holds stuff -- he also faithfully delivers a grin.

Seated Storage

Aside from being a cool place for mom and baby to perch, this padded window seat is empty beneath, offering up loads of space for bulkier bedding or clothes baby hasn't yet grown into.

Packed Up and Away

These little suitcases not only are a cute closet accent, but they also can individually hold seasonal accessories: hats and scarves in one, swimming diaper covers and sandals in another, etc.

Boxed In

More cute storage containers sit below artwork that brings the room's theme right into the closet. They're playful accents that Mom and Dad appreciate when they're searching for that one lost binky -- again.

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