Decorating the Nursery with Silhouettes

Simply Silhouette Wall Canvas
Create a vintage-cool, personalized look in your baby's room.

Silhouettes add the perfect touch of vintage modern style to any nursery or kid's room. And as any iPod commercial or design mag will prove, these days they're red hot. Even better, many of these designs can be personalized to create one-of-a-kind, grow-with-them art -- check out our 10 favorites.

Side by Side

Got kids sharing a room? Mommy loves you both equally, and that's why she's getting a double silhouette. Send in photos, and these folks will create a custom canvas. Available in two sizes, these prints look great framed or on their own -- and once you've made one, duplicates are available for only $10. Grandma had better make space on her wall too.

Available at; starting at $40.

Duly Noted

Continue the theme by tucking these retro-mod personalized cards inside the dresser drawer. The cards come in blue and pink and are cool enough to inspire you through every last thank-you note.

Available at; $68 for 20 cards.

Plate It

Commemorative plates? Usually we're not fans, but these personal platters are more original art than they are Franklin Mint. Customize with an image and personal text (go simple with your kid's date of birth or imaginative with a favorite quote), then mount on the wall. More than one kid? Several in a row make it an instant "collection."

Available at; $65.

Off the Wall

Looking for a high-impact piece? Take up a whole wall with this striking decal. Just slap it on, and presto -- you've got a designer-looking baby's room. The best part? When you're ready to change the look, the decals remove easily and won't damage your wall.

Available at; starting at $30.50.

Hanging Out

Hang these hand-painted kid-size hangers where you can see them. They're way too pretty to keep in the closet.

Available at; 3 for $36.

Not Black and White

If you love the classic profile idea but want softer colors for a more soothing nursery, choose from a variety of lettering styles and pastel hues to create eclectic canvas wall art. (Our fave combo? Green and brown.)

Available at; $65, plus a one-time $25 custom silhouette fee.

Pillow Talk

Add a twist to the traditional silhouette with these custom black-and-white throw pillows, created from a photo you send. Want your canine "baby" to have a spot in your nursery too? Send in his photo.

Available at; $40.

Conversation Piece

Think of it as your own personal Rorschach inkblot test. This sculpture is handcrafted with your child's profile carved into the sides; when you concentrate on the negative space, you can see the contours of her face. Shine light on it for cool wall shadow art.

Available at; $149.95.

Caught in the Act

Think beyond the simple profile when decorating with silhouettes. Send in full-body shots to be outlined, like the ballerina on this super-cute wall hanging. Action sports shots look cool in a boy's room too.

Available at; starting at $40.

Feeling Crafty?

The well-kept secret is that these silhouettes are really easy to do yourself. Don't worry, minimal artistic ability is required -- this kit comes with everything you need, including an instruction book. Use completed silhouettes as cards or frame them as a miniature piece of personalized art.

Available at; $32.95.

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