Peace and Love: Design a Nursery for Your Flower Child

If you're a fan of all things funky, you won't be able to get enough of these groovy nursery items.

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Good vibes

Dormify dream catcher
Avery Powel

Sweet dreams are made of this adorable dream catcher—it's a step up from the ones you used to make at summer camp! ($99,

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Create calm

Peace sign bungalow art
Avery Powel

Wooden "bungalow art" is pretty for a wall. A classic peace sign in bright hues is sure to pop against any paint color. ($24;

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Festive touch

Paper lantern
Avery Powel

Add a paper lantern in intriguing colors to create a relaxing, summery feel year-round.

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Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery

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Happy hipster

Boho sundress
Avery Powel

Ribbons trim this boho sundress, and the cut will help her stay cool during trips to the outdoor theater with mom and dad. ($48;

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In the spirit

Pendleton blanket
Avery Powel

The "Daughters of the Earth" blanket celebrates a new baby. It's the perfect starter gift for a friend who wants to create her own offbeat abode for Baby. ($95;

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Road trip

Van rattle
Avery Powel

Baby doesn't belong on the party bus, but she has a better alternative—this knit retro van is a fun rattle! ($20;

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Road trip

Moses basket
Avery Powel

Let your little one nap in this woven Moses basket. As she grows bigger, you can use it to stash some of her stuff. ($90;

Originally published in the July 2014 issue of American Baby Magazine

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