Q: My baby cries if put down at 6 weeks old. My baby won't sit in carriers, swings, strollers, or bouncers. Why and what can I do?

A: This depends on the age of the child. For the first 3-4 months the babies are in the "4th trimester" when they need to be held and carried a LOT! And, for the next 3-4 months many babies are much more interested in people than things...so they will do OK in a swing or infant seat for a while...as long as they can watch you (like cooking dinner or writing bills) and you can respond in a timely way to their coos and cries (they love to listen to music with you, too!).

Remember, for thousands of years our young children spent most of the day outside and they were fascinated by the play of shadows on the wall, leaves waving in the wind and the entertaining antics of chattering kids, frisky dogs and clucking chickens...that's why all young children  - no matter their age - love to be outside! That doesn't mean it's good to plunk your child in front of a TV all day.  Movement and sound coming from nonexistent flat characters confined within a box is really strange to them.

A great tip is to go for a long walk 1-2 times a day. This will automatically help your child be more patient and tolerant of the more staid environment at home.

Answered by Dr. Harvey Karp



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