These simple steps for refreshing your bedroom can create a better sleeping environment. Bring on the extra zzz's!

Credit: Kim Cornelison

The last time you deep cleaned your house, the bedroom probably got neglected, says Toni Hammersley, author of The Complete Book of Clean and blogger behind A Bowl Full of Lemons. Take time to refresh this space with her tips for a better night’s rest.

Clean Your Mattress: After stripping the bed, vacuum the mattress with the upholstery and crevice attachments. Then sprinkle an entire box of baking soda all over the mattress surface; let sit for an hour or two, then vacuum up.

Wash Pillows: Wash your pillows in the machine two at a time, using warm water. Run an extra spin cycle to remove as much moisture as you can. Put the pillows in the dryer on low heat with a few dryer balls, and tumble until very dry!

Don't Neglect Under Your Bed: Vacuum under the bed and along any upholstered pieces (like a headboard). Use a damp cloth to wipe the baseboards, bed frame, and bedside tables.

Keep Dust At Bay: If you don’t have them already, be sure to purchase some mattress and pillow protectors to keep any dust mites and allergens inside the pillow and skin oils and lotions out.

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